All Exploration Quests in Version 1.0

There are many categories of quests in Wuthering Wave: Main Quest, Tutorial Quests, Companion Stories, Exploration Quests, Daily Quests, and Side Quests. This guide will list the Exploration Quests. If we're missing some quests, feel free to comment in the comment section below.

All Exploration Quests in Wuthering Wave

  1. We Promise, We Deliver
  2. Hidden Dangers in Peaceful Life
  3. When the Forest is No Longer Dim
  4. Shadow of the Past
  5. Stygian Lacrimosa

We Promise, We Deliver

We Promise, We Deliver is the first Exploration Quest that we will get after completing the [Ominous Star] Main Quest. But you can only unlock it after reaching Union Level 10. Check the "Wanted Poster" in the bulletin to start the quest.

Open your in-game mail to read a mail from Lollo Logistics to continue the quest navigation. This will lead you to the Jinzhou branch of Lollo Logistics.

This quest is quite long so I had to make the guide in another post. You can check it out here: We Promise, We Deliver Exploration Quest Guide.

Hidden Dangers in Peaceful Life

Will be available after completing the We Promise, We Deliver Exploration Quest, but can only be unlocked at Union Lv. 15. You can start this quest by talking to Xiayou at the Ministry of Development under The Grand Library in Jinzhou. This quest will bring you to explore the Tiger's Maw Mine.

Lots of walking here and there but it is simple and has no complex puzzles. The only 'hard' puzzles would be the Signals Consol when you need to activate the consoles. You can look at the images above for the solution. After that, follow the quest navigation until the end to complete the quest.

When the Forest is No Longer Dim

This quest will be added to your Quest Menu after completing the Hidden Dangers in Peaceful Life Exploration Quest, but you can only start it after reaching Union Lv. 20. This mission will lead you to Giant Banyan and will change the scenery at the end.

Keep following the quest navigation and you'll need to search for a missing researcher at one point. Use Sensor utility to track her down or just look at the image above for her location.

After that, you will encounter the first puzzle: Clear Toxic Spores: Offshoot Core. What you need to do is hit the drones using melee or ranged attack (the latter is better, hold Right Click on the mouse to enter aiming mode) so it will change direction towards the Offshoot Core.
There are 3 contaminated areas that you need to clean these Offshoot Cores so you will meet this puzzle 2 more times. It's the same mechanic so you shouldn't have a hard time.

At the last contaminated areas, there are 3 simple Signals Console but if you don't want to think about it, check the images above for the solution. After that, just follow the quest navigation to complete the quest.

Shadow of the Past

This quest will be available after completing Hidden Dangers in Peaceful Life Exploration but there's a requirement to wait for Xiaoyu's message.
It was unlocked automatically for me after 24 hours (not just daily reset, but right after 24 hours of completing Hidden Dangers in Peaceful Life quest) / reaching Union Level 21 / after completing Silver-Haired Echo Trainer - III. Yeah, I wrote all that because even I'm not confirmed which condition triggers Xiaoyu's message (but pretty sure it's the 24-hour one).

In this quest, you need to eliminate the Chrysalises at 3 different locations. Of course, you need to defeat all the enemies surrounding them too. After that, more and more battle ensues with no puzzles anymore so you can just follow the quest navigation.

Stygian Lacrimosa

Will be added to your Quest Menu after completing When the Forest is No Longer Dim Exploration Quest but can only be unlocked at Union Lv. 25. In the end, this quest will remove the sandstorm near the Fallen Grave and you can explore there freely.

The first puzzle you will face is restoring mural. It's definitely not hard but just incase, here's the full image of said mural.

In Stygian Lacrimosa, the mechanic you need to play around is Mud. You will be given an Ultrasonic Pulse Chip as Utility to clear those mud and also clear the Mud Shield that any enemy has.

There are 3 locations you need to go and make sure all suppressors in each location will reach 100% activation progress. To do that, you need to clear all the incoming muds and enemies. In the end, you will face Mourning Aix so bring your best team. After that, you will complete the quest.


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