Repair the 5 Lighthouses & Lost History Side Quests Guide

In these quests, the Historian would like to ask for your help in finding five lighthouses in Huanglong. Unfortunately, he's not decent enough to point us in the direction of any of the lighthouses so we need to find it by ourselves.

Repair the Lighthouse in Desorock Highland Bay Quest

First Lighthouse

First of all, you need to start the 'Repair the Lighthouse in Desorock Highland' quest at Camp Overwatch. In this quest, you need to protect Junior Engineer to reach the lighthouse by defeating all enemies.

At the lighthouse, hack the lighthouse by solving the Signals Console puzzle and gain a coordinate that will show you a hidden treasure chest.

The treasure is just beside the Dewvetch. If you already picked up the flower, just look at the map above. Investigate the ground to get the treasure chest.

Lost History Quest

After you complete the previous quest, you will automatically gain the Lost History quest. You can talk to him in Jinzhou and he will tell you about the lighthouses. Now, you need to find another 4 of them.

Second Lighthouse

You can find the 2nd lighthouse (it's not in any particular order) at the Tiderise Cliff. When you reach there, use Sensor utility and you will see a red line flowing inside the lighthouse. Look at your surroundings and solve the Induction Cell and Socket puzzles. There are only 2 of them.

After that, hack the terminal system to get a coordinate that will show the location of a chest. Look in the image above for the location.

Repair the Lighthouse at the Nameless Bay Quest

Teleport to Shattered Blocks and head north towards another lighthouse. This time, you can get another Repair the Lighthouse quest. Similar to before, look at your surroundings and solve the Induction Cell and Socket puzzle.

After that, use the Sensor utility to see the red line and keep hitting all the Training Dummies on the line to change the color to blue. This will solve the puzzle and activate the lighthouse.

Third Lighthouse

Hack into the lighthouse terminal system, and find the treasure chest. It's really near the lighthouse, just turn around and you'll see it.

Fourth Lighthouse

The fourth lighthouse is at the Frosting Harbour. The building is trapped within vines so use the Explosive Charge to burn all the vines and you can reach the top.

The hidden treasure chest is pretty far away from the lighthouse but no big deal. Anything for the treasure chest.

Fifth Lighthouse

The last lighthouse is located at the edge of the mountain in Forbidden Forest. This building is also trapped within vine so use Explosive Charge nearby again.

After completing the Signals Console puzzle and get the coordinate, look further for an enemy at the edge of the mountain. There, you can see a shiny thing on the ground.

Finally, the Historian will call you back again to meet up and you can complete the Lost History Quest for real.


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