All Tutorial Quests in Version 1.0

There are many categories of quests in Wuthering Wave: Main Quest, Tutorial Quests, Companion Stories, Exploration Quests, Daily Quests, and Side Quests. This guide will list the Tutorial Quests. If we're missing some quests, feel free to comment in the comment section below.

All Tutorial Quests in Wuthering Wave

  1. Alone in the Abyss
  2. First Trial
  3. Honorary Chef: Taste of Memories
  4. Remnants of the Past Days
  5. Pedestal Device
  6. SOL3 Phase Ascension I
  7. SOL3 Phase Ascension II
  8. Somnoire: Illusive Realms

Alone in the Abyss

The Alone in the Abyss quest is an introduction to the Tower of Adversity - the end game of Wuthering Wave. You can start this quest only after completing Chapter 1 Act IV Clashing Blades Main Quest and once you reach Union Level 15. This quest will automatically be added to your Quest Menu after reaching the required Union Level.

First Trial

Talk to Maqi just in front of the Resonance Beacon to complete the quest and unlock the Pioneer Association. If you explore (opening chests, completing puzzles, etc) enough in certain areas, you can get rewards from Maqi so be sure to talk to her once you complete exploring all the areas.

Honorary Chef: Taste of Memories

Talk to Panhua at Panhua Restaurant in Jinzhou to start the quest. This mission is just back and forth running in Jinzhou to complete an errand. You could complete this quest in under 10 minutes. Fortunately, Chixia will be making an appearance for a short while to cheer the whole quest up. Aside from cooking, you will also try crafting and synthesizing.

Remnants of the Past Days

This quest should be obtained automatically after you collect Sonance Caskets (I also don't realize I have this on the Quest Menu) but you definitely won't miss the quest so don't worry about it.

Pedestal Device

First of all, you need to reach Union Level 27 to unlock the Tactical Hologram. Then, you will automatically get this Pedestal Device quest from Qingqong. The quest is super easy because you just need to go back and forth one of the Tactical Hologram.

SOL3 Phase Ascension I

Upon reaching Union Level 20, you can get this quest on your Quest Menu. Completing this quest will increase your SOL3 Phase to Rank 3, which means harder enemies but with more abundant rewards.

SOL3 Phase Ascension II

Upon reaching Union Level 40, you can get this quest automatically from your Quest Menu. Completing this quest will increase your SOL3 Phase to Rank 5.

Somnoire: Illusive Realms

I got this quest after completing The Past is the Future: Continued. But I think it is actually related to your Union Level since it will show you the gameplay of Depths of Illusive Realm. Since the said event will only be available after you reach Union Level 17, it's safe to say you can only start the quest only after reaching said UL.


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