All Main Quests in Version 1.0

There are many categories of quests in Wuthering Wave: Main Quest, Tutorial Quests, Companion Stories, Exploration Quests, Daily Quests, and Side Quests. This guide will list the Main Quests. If we're missing some quests, feel free to comment in the comment section below.

All Main Quests in Wuthering Wave

Prologue Chapter

  1. Utterance of Marvels: I
  2. Utterance of Marvels: II

Chapter 1

  1. First Resonance
  2. Echoing Marche
  3. Ominous Star
  4. Clashing Blades
  5. Rewinding Raindrops
  6. Grand Warstorm

Prologue Act 1 - Utterance of Marvels: I

You can get this quest right from the start. This mission will guide you through the basic mechanics of the game's battle mode. It's best if you read the tutorial slowly to better understand the mechanics.

Prologue Act 2 - Utterance of Marvels: II

Complete Utterance of Marvels: I to automatically unlock this quest. Your Union Level doesn't matter as you can still start this quest. This mission will briefly explain to you about Echo. By the end of this quest, you will get a 4-star Resonator Chixia for free.

Chapter 1 Act 1 - First Resonance

This quest will replace Utterance of Marvels: II right after you arrive in Jinzhou. You will explore this region a lot of times so better unlock all the Resonance Beacon and Resonance Nexus that you found along the way. By completing this quest, you will unlock Convene (wish banner).

Chapter 1 Act 2 - Echoing Marche

The second part of Chapter 1. You will start this quest after leaving the Academy. In this quest, you will learn about the Set Time tutorial where you can freely change the in-game time until the next 2 days.

Inside this quest, there will a side mission where you need to use a Sensor to confirm the patrol route to find the Detection Beacon.

All you have to do is open the Utility tab by tapping Tab (for PC). There, you can see the eye icon on the top left. Click on it to equip the Sensor.

You should see the eye icon on your Utility tab now, beside your Resonance Skill. Just tap T and you should be able to progress through the quest.

In this quest, you will also try out the limited 5-star playable Resonators: Jinyan. Of course, it's just a trial character so you won't have him in the roster after the sub-quest ends.

Chapter 1 Act 3 - Ominous Star

The continuation quest will start right after you complete the previous quest. Once again, you will face Tacet Discord and need to defeat it. And meet one of the 'antagonists' called Scar He's quite a chatterbox.

The Guidebook will be available after you complete this quest. With the Guidebook, you can access Daily Activity (gives rewards and Union EXP), Milestones (more rewards), the Forgery Challenge which will show you the available challenges to get certain materials, Path of Growth (tutorial of each playable character that you have), and Echo Hunting (will show the location of the Echo you want to track).

Chapter 1 Act 4 - Clashing Blades

This is where the level restraint starts. Once you complete Ominous Star, Clashing Blades will be available in your Quest Menu. However, you can't start it unless you reach Union Level 14.

You can accumulate Union EXP to increase Union Level in the following ways:
1. Complete Daily Activity quests
2. Consume Waveplates
3. Complete various quests
4. Open Chests and complete gameplay in the overworld

Chapter 1 Act 5 - Rewinding Raindrops

Unlocks at Union Level 21. You can increase your Union Level by completing the SOL3 Phase Ascension: Phase I Tutorial Quest.

Chapter 1 Act 6 - Grand Warstorm

After completing Rewinding Raindrops quest, you will automatically start this quest and that is all for the Main Quest in version 1.0!


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